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Removing the "T"

I have recently had several conversation about the new push to remove the T for LGBTQ acronym. I haven't yet come to a conclusion as to how I feel so I to do more research. I like to see as many side of an argument as possible. For removal:

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer is about sexuality

  • Sexuality and Gender are different

  • Transgender is about gender therefor

  • FTM that is attracted to females is heterosexual

  • MTF that is attracted to females is homosexual

  • LGBQ don't want to include Transgender

  • The negative stigma of Transgender by the mainstream

  • Transgender believe that LGBQ struggle isn't sever as theirs anymore

  • Only transgender understand transgender

Remaining the same:

  • Majority of Transgender begin identifying as LGBQ in their youth

  • "United we stand, divided we fall"

  • Queer is seen as fluid gender or sexuality and may or may not be someone that is homosexual or heterosexual

  • Queer is meant to be an umbrella for LGBT

  • Transgender are not cisgender

  • Excluding transgender will excluding many transgender youth with a safe space or community especially in small rural areas

So this is what I have gathered from my research. Now my opinion is that we (LGBTQ) are a community/ a family and in any family there maybe discord at times. I believe that transgender should always be giving equal space in our family. I've had conversation with many transgender people that feel that they lost there bio family then once transition started they lost another family. As adult in our family we must include and support all members because if we don't we harm, victimize, bully or decrease mental health of our youth/ children.

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