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Too Masculine to be pregnant?

I am masculine identified African American lesbian that is in the process of having a child. I know with that one sentence you have a lot of questions.


“Is she carrying or is her partner?

I will be carrying and believe that pregnancy is the most amazing thing I will ever do in my lifetime.

“She dress like a man, so does she want to be a man?”

I wear clothes from the men’s section because I look good in Italian cut slacks, slim fit dress shirts and blazers. And don’t get me started on shoes (last count was 60-ish pairs).

“What will she be, the momma or the daddy?”

I think my step children came up with the perfect solution for that. I’m called Maddy. In a card they said “you are the best parts of a momma and a daddy.”

“Will the baby be confused about who she is?”

Each of my 42 niece & nephews and my 9 great nieces and nephews know who I am. Probably because I know who I am.

“Can she pick a side? Be a butch/stud or femme.”

I am a masculine identified woman. But sometimes the line between masculine and woman get a little blurry for me.

“Did she have sex with a guy?”

This question is a tricky one. You probably would not believe this but sometimes women do have intercourse with men just for the purpose of creating an amazing baby. Sometimes woman have sex forced upon them and a beautiful baby is created. And guess what, sometimes sex with a male is not involved.

I have one question for you. Can you tell me how you became a parent?

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